Why Take Prescription Drugs If They Make You Worse?

Everyday there are plenty of prescription drug commercials that claim to either treat your symptoms or help cure your illness. If these drugs did so without making you more sick, these products would be wonderful. The fact is they don’t! More recently we saw a popular commercial for a prescription drug claiming to treat depression in some age groups. Some symptoms it is supposed to treat are suicidal thoughts, depression and irritability to name a few. The problem here is that later in commercial it states that the medicine can in fact make you MORE suicidal, depressed and irritable. It even had some additional physical side effects such as blurred vision, heart racing and chest pain. Effectively if you have a clean bill of health before the medication, after you take it there is a possibility that you could be more likely to have a heart attack and/or need glasses. That’s a problem.

The side effects of modern medicine seem to attack other parts of the body in order to fix the initial problem. That’s why you have people with high blood pressure taking medications to lower it such as beta blockers. Those beta blockers can cause your heart to beat slower and with less force. That can lead to asthma-like symptoms or depression. It just doesn’t make sense. If your dishwasher is broken you don’t take apart the washing machine right?

We just had to get that off our chest. We have seen too many friends and family succumb to the side effects of medicine that was supposed to help them. Hopefully things will get better with time.


2 Comments to “Why Take Prescription Drugs If They Make You Worse?”

  1. I hate reading the note that comes with medicine. Some of the side effects captured are at times worse than the ailment. What if I belong to that one percent? Scary thought!

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