Liar Liar Pants on Fire!!!!!!

Well, liars beware because has posted 5 tips that you can take to spot a lie. So all you politicians beware lol. Here are the first 3 steps from the Yahoo article:



1. Start by observing how the person normally behaves.

Before you try to tell whether someone is lying to you, you have to get a sense of how he or she communicates in a normal, nonstressful conversation. “Talk about the Red Sox, or a friend from elementary school who found you on Facebook,” she suggests. You need this baseline, because behavior that might indicate a problem, such as rapidly tapping a foot or using a lot of verbal fillers such as “um” and “well,” might simply be this person’s normal communication mode.

“When you’re building rapport with people, that’s when you get their baseline,” Driver says. “You need a minimum of three minutes to do it.”

2. Listen carefully.

Statement analysis can help you discern when someone isn’t telling the truth, Driver says. For instance, if you ask a yes or no question, the answer should actually contain the word yes or no. Watch out for a denial that doesn’t include a no.

Let’s say you ask, “Have you ever stolen from an employer?” “If the answer is, ‘I would never do that,’ that could be a signal,” Driver says. It’s OK if the answer is “No, never,” as long as the word no is in there, she adds. But if you think about it, “I would never do that” is a statement about the future, not an answer to your question about the past.

3. Look for “hot spots.”

When someone deviates from his or her baseline in a suspicious way, Driver calls it a hot spot–an area to which you should pay close attention. Body language is a good way to find hot spots. Driver uses the children’s song “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” as a way of breaking down observations of someone’s body to reveal that person’s true feelings. For instance, look at the direction a person’s feet or belly button is pointing to get a sense of that person’s true interest or intentions, she says. A shoulder shrug indicates uncertainty.

And keep an eye out for facial expressions. An eyebrow “flash,” when eyebrows move upward, usually means people like what they’ve just heard or seen. Pursing or sucking in the lips means the opposite. And if one side of someone’s mouth goes up in a half smile, that’s a smirk that usually indicates contempt or superiority–an expression Dick Cheney frequently wears, Driver notes. But it can also mean self-satisfaction or pride.



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