Who The Heck Are You Guys??

We at Dukooth are made up of a couple of individuals who browse the internet in our free time and find interesting and sometimes funny news, pictures and videos. Normally we would simply discuss our findings amongst ourselves and have a good laugh. Then we heard from other bloggers that we should share our thoughts and news on a blog…tada Dukooth! We hope that you enjoy the information presented and give us feedback on what you think. Background on main page: Painting with light. LED lights on an glass Earth globe. Photo by Mike Fisk.

****The name is pronounced: “DEWKOOTH”…..for those who saw the name and thought, “What???”.****

Sidenote: None of us are English majors so if we have ttypos or myspellingz please forgive us. We occasionally scan our posts for errors. The ones we find we fix….so….Enjoy the site!!!!

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