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October 24, 2012

Emma Hack a PERSONAL artist

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As usual while trolling for the strange, unusual and generally awesome we were surprised to come across a beautiful Australian Emma Hack who makes art. Yeah ok great what “artist” doesn’t make “art”! But have to say that this artist is truly a visionary and we can’t wait to see what she does next. She has turned people into flowers, cars, and other weird looking but allthewhile beautiful things.  Tell us how many people you find. To see more visit .

October 10, 2012

Awesome finger art has this article displaying the finger art of Dito Von Tease. F think one of the comments at the bottom of the page said it the best: Joe- Pretty awesome, but how high do you have to be to come up with this stuff?

Here are some examples of Dito’s work:


March 22, 2012

Amazing Tape Art? Who knew?

Mark Jenkins either has LOTS of spare time on his hands or he is a tape art genius! Either way we love his work. Have a look:

You have to respect the craft!

(The dogs are our favorite)

March 20, 2012

Fun For Your Eyes, Illusions

Man sitting on a hill under a tree.

A face

There is an old woman’s face. You may have seen this popularized illustration.

Can you spot the farmers wife? Hint: Turn the pic upside down and look at the left leg (next to the cane).

Can you see the face looking at you?

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